Moshing it on my phone on [2013-01-11 Fri 07:54]

I have been a fan of mosh since I first heard of it about a year ago. It maintains a peristent ssh connection even if your network connection drops. I had been using it because my home wifi is notoriously unstable. I have been eagerly waiting for mosh to become available on Android.

I randomly googled it today and was thrilled to see that it is available as a patch to irssi connectbot. I installed it and its working great.

I am writing this post on my phone in emacs on my remote host connected through mosh/irssi connectbot.

As such, I am benefiting from Emacs auto-capitalize-mode and abbrev-mode so I don't have to hit the shift key when starting new sentences and words get automatically corrected. I am also running flyspell-mode so I have no excuse for incorrect spelling while using Emacs.

Another reason why using org+picolisp rocks for my blog.

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