finding the missing post on [2013-01-14 Mon 18:36]

I have a bad habit of losing good posts or tips. Sidebar: Need to capture these in org-mode more!

The other day I remembered reading something helpful about naming conventions.

It was on planet emacs. I went back to my Pocket bookmark list and couldn't find it. Annoyed, I spent a few minutes using google advanced search to look. Nothing

I took matters into my own hands. I copied the planet emacs opml file into emacs and struggled for a few minutes to extract the regex of the urls. I bombed out of that and switched to vim (where I am more comfortable) and recorded a simple macro to delete everything except the urls.

I then ran

wget --input-file=feeds.txt -x -T 2 --tries=1

On the file to grab all the feeds into their own directory. -x ensured that each feed had it's own directory and the -T 2 said to stop after 2 seconds (in case it wasn't reachable any longer)

I then had to figure out how I was going to search for it. I fiddled around with grep and couldn't get a listing that was sensible.

I ended up just concatenating all the feeds together and searching in vim for the least popular term that I remembered in the post "verb"

find -type f | xargs cat > out.txt

Here was the post

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