New Phone on [2013-05-21 Tue 16:18]

Today was marked by receiving a new cell phone. I was up for renewal and so I ordered a Samsung S4. It's incredible. The camera, the features, speed and screen are great.

I hooked it up to my bluetooth keyboard and it worked great. The next thing I tried was running linux. I really want to run emacs on my phone and did not find the native port to be suitable due to slow launch. Of course, I didn't try it on my new phone. I just jumped right in to looking for linux.

Most in the Play store require root. I found a couple qemu emulators. Cool. I have used qemu before in the past. I fired up a couple images and couldn't get most to work. Debian, ubuntu, slax, slitaz, you name it... no go. The only distro that worked for me was TinyCore.

It was sluggish. I didn't realize how sluggish until I /cat/proc/cpuinfo

 BogoMIPS: 127

Yikes. My Raspbery PI:

 BogoMIPS: 697

So I have a $600 phone that runs at 1/5 the speed of my $35 computer. Probably not worth it.

Turns out that the native emacs actually runs really well. Not to mention that hostname resolution works on this version of android. My Droid 3 didn't get hostname resolution, which was highly annoying.

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