emacs on android - jasspa on [2013-06-11 Tue 12:06]

In Part One I described how many insane hoops I jumped through to get a barely effective installation of emacs on my phone. The sticking point was tramp.

After about a week of letting the idea cool off, I jumped back into it. This time, instead of focusing on tramp, I instead focused on getting emacs to be more responsive. I figured I should try Jasspa MicroEmacs on my phone after having a good experience with it on the desktop as a minimal emacs alternative (still no tramp).

I had previously compiled it for my other android phone and ran it under kbox. I tried taking the same binary and ran into some walls. First, after some research I found out that the new version of kbox has an improved file structure that more closely mimics linux. Excellent, however I wasn't sure if that was causing things to fail. My error message was 'unknown terminal type'.

On a hunch, I remembered that I had compiled Jasspa and that I may have had to configure it for the specifics of the paths which had now changed. It turns out that it wasn't Jasspa, but instead termcap which I also compiled and statically linked, that had the hard coded paths.

I replaced the /data/data/kevinboone.net.androidterm with /data/data/jackpal.androidterm for the terminfo path and was off to the races. Everything worked. After pounding my head against the wall I had a responsive emacs version on my phone with a functioning dired. Still no emacs.

I took a break and thought about what to do next. In the next post, I will finally get emacs running under kbox2

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