first iOS app on [2013-09-28 Sat 09:14]

Developing an iOS app has been on my bucket list for awhile. I had been putting it off because I wasn't about to spend $99 for a developer account on my own and also it seemed complicated without a Mac.

A project came up at work where we needed to develop a proof of concept iPad app. It was the perfect opportuntity to try it out.

I deployed a functioning hello world phonegap app this morning. Looking back, it wasn't that bad. The most confusing part was working with the Apple Developer certificiates and provisioning profiles. It wasn't immediately clear to me which one I should use and I think I ended up signing my app with my developer certificate and provisioning it with my organizational certificate. That didn't work and wasn't intended. I got back on track through the iPhone Configuration Utility and following the advice of starting over.

It seems common to get it wrong the first time as a person is just clicking Next Next not sure what they are doing until they see the end result. Once it was all complete, I understood how the parts worked together and was able to fix the part that was wrong.

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